Adding (non-employee) users to an individual account


Individual account holders have the ability to add multiple users to their IB account.  The account holder may wish to add a second user registered under their own name for the purpose of opening two TWS sessions simultaneously (one for normal access and the other for connecting via an API).  The account holder may also provide access to up to 5 (non-employee) individuals, such as a family members, pursuant to a Limited Power of Attorney agreement.  In addition, each of these individuals may also be provided with a second user access.

In each case, the additional user will be assigned a unique user name which is required for log in both to Account Management and the trading platform of choice.  Procedures for adding a (non-employee) individual user are outlined below (search KB1004 for procedures for adding a second user for an individual account holder).


Procedures for adding a non-employee user are as follows: 

  1. Log into Account Management.
  2. Select the Manage Account and then Access Rights menu options.
  3. Click on the Add User button.
  4. You will be presented with the Add User and Access Rights page where you will need to specify the first and last name of the individual who you wish to provide access, the first five characters of the user name, a password, that individual’s email address, and relationship to the Account Holder.
  5. Specify those functions which you which to provide access. These will be restricted to Trade, Reports and Manage Account).
  6. Click on the Continue button.
  7. Verify details and click on the Submit button.
  8. Provide electronic signature to the Limited Power of Attorney agreement and click on the Continue button.
  9. If Trading Access has been provided, select the Home and Pending Items menu options and accept the Trader Authorization Form by clicking on the Continue button.
  10. The account holder will then need to contact the individual added as a user and provide them with the user user name and password combination they have selected. 
  11. The new user will need to log into Account Management and confirm their email address by entering the token confirmation number sent to the address as provided.  At that point another token confirmation number will sent to their email for the purpose of creating a new password and the user will then be prompted to fill out personal information on the New User Confirmation page and sign the Limited Power of Attorney agreement.
  12. Please note user add requests are subject to processing which, after the above steps have been completed, may take up to 2 business days prior to access being provided. 


1. In accordance with market data vendor requirements, the primary user on the account will be assessed a separate market data subscription fee for each user account added. 

2. Account holders may delete a user account by clicking on the delete link next to the user name located within the Manage Account and then Access Rights menu options.