What corporate action services does Interactive Brokers provide?

Interactive Brokers services relating to corporate actions are as follows:

1. The processing of mandatory corporate actions (e.g. prompt dividend recovery, spin-offs, stock splits, effective mergers and etc.) at no extra cost; and

2. Providing, on a best efforts basis, details of corporate action announcements associated with stock and option positions held in your account.  These details are provided in the form of a web ticket posted to the Corporate Actions tab of your Message Center.  Account holders may also elect to set their preferences so as to receive a copy of such details via email.  Information provided includes

  • Mandatory offers - general information regarding mandatory offers
  • Voluntary offers - eligible account holders may submit elections directly through Account Management


Interactive Brokers does not provide any guidance, consultation or advice regarding corporate actions to its customers. IB customers are solely responsible for the monitoring of the existence of a corporate action, understanding the rights and terms of any corporate action and providing timely and accurate instructions regarding the handling for any voluntary corporate action.