Application Assistance - Registration Confirmation Number

The Registration Confirmation Number is a random numeric code sent to the applicant's email address which serves to register the email address as valid once the number has been retrieved and entered into the application. Failure to receive the email containing this number can generally be attributed to one of two causes:

1. Service Provider Delay - Most email messages are delivered within a few minutes, although messages can sometimes be delayed as they move from point to point to their ultimate destination, the recipient’s email client. Once the email containing the Registration Confirmation Number is sent from the IB mail server it is tracked to ensure it reaches the mail server of the recipient’s service provider, however, IB is unable to track status beyond that point. Most cases of delayed email are due to slow or overloaded mail servers and in rare instances delays can last for several hours or more.
2. False Spam Detection – most service providers have spam filters and other checks they run on incoming emails and oftentimes legitimate messages can inadvertently be flagged as spam. The techniques used to block email traffic that is judged extremely likely to be spam vary by provider and as a general rule are not disclosed..
If, after a reasonable time, you fail to receive this email, the first step should be to review and ensure that the email address you’ve provided has been entered correctly. This address is displayed on the application page where token entry is required and if incorrect, simply re-enter the correct address on that page. If that address is correct you may wish to request that another Registration Confirmation Number be sent by clicking on the Request Confirmation # button.
If the problem persists, check the Junk or Spam folder in your email account. Most service providers also allow users to create a White List of contacts that the user deems as acceptable for delivery of messages to the In box. This can typically be accomplished by adding the following IB address to your Contacts List: and then requesting another Registration Confirmation Number.
Should that step all fail, you may wish to contact your service provider and inquire as to the status of their mail server and whether they have a block in place on the IB mail address. If your ISP cannot provide a satisfactory answer to your inquiry, we recommend that you use an alternate email account to resend the email. You may then subsequently change your email address at a later date.