How do advisors open client or sub accounts?


There are two ways for an Advisor to open a client account. Both methods are initiated from within the Advisor Portal by navigating to Manage Clients -> Create and Link Accounts-> Create -> New.

Fully Electronic Invitation
With this method, the FA sends an invitation to the client. The client completes all information and submits for approval. The password is given to the client immediately.

Semi-Electronic Application
With this method, the FA completes the application on behalf of the client, then sends to the client for a signature. Once the account is approved, the password is mailed, via US Mail, to the client. While the application is pending, the FA can view and reprint from the Advisor Portal.

Note: If the FA Wants to open a sub account for himself
FAs are asked, when completing the FA application, if they would like to create a trading sub account for themselves. If they choose no, they may open an account at a later time, however they will be required to submit all new documents. They can submit a request to to request that the documents used for the master account be applied to the sub account. To create a sub account they should complete an Electronic Invitation, accessible through the Advisor Portal. The trading sub account of the FA cannot be set up as an IRA account.