How do I determine which market data subscription is applicable for a given security?

IB provides account holders with a Market Data Assistant tool which assists in selecting the subscription services available for a given security (stock, option or warrant) they wish to trade.  The search results show all exchanges upon which the product trades, the subscription offering and its monthly fee for both Professional and Non-Professional clients as well as the depth of market variations associated with each subscription.

To access, log into Account Management select the Classic AM link and then click on the Tools icon and then the IB Market Data Assistant link. From there you may search by entering any one of the following security product identifiers: Symbol, ISIN or CUSIP. Results may be further filtered by specifying the exchange, Professional or Non-Professional designation and/or the security's currency of denomination.

This tool may also be accessed through Account Management within the page where current market data subscriptions are displayed and where new election may be made. To view here, select the Manage Account, Trade Configuration and then Market Data Subscription menu options from Classic Account Management. A link to the Market Data Assistant tool is provided on this subscription page.

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