Information Regarding Restrictions on Voluntary Corporate Actions

A voluntary corporate action may have restrictions associated with it in terms of those shareholders considered eligible, either for notification or participation in a voluntary offer. Such restrictions may include, but are not limited to the following:

Residency restrictions - such a restriction, as set out in the voluntary offer documentation, will either include or exclude residents of specified countries from participating in an offer. The details of any residency restriction will be outlined in the offer documentation and may be verified with the company's Investor Relation department.

Citizenship restrictions - similar to residency restriction; however the restriction is based on the country of citizenship rather than the current residency of the account holder.

Qualified Investor restriction - a company may open an offer only to Qualified investors. This type of restriction will be outlined in the offer details and may be verified with the company's Investor Relation department. IB will not verify qualified investor status prior to the submission of instructions to the depository or agent. Customers are responsible for confirming they are eligible to participate in the offer should this restriction be in place.

Notification restriction - In certain instances, Interactive Brokers LLC may be restricted from providing notification of the complete offer details. In such a case, customers will be responsible for researching upcoming voluntary corporate actions through a third party. Any election to such an offer must be submitted to IB by creating a ticket in IB's Account Management Message Center. Instructions submitted in this manner are handled on a best-efforts basis.

Australian rights restrictions: IB does not support rounding up of fractional entitlements. For the purposes of calculating a client's rights entitlement to participate in rights issues, IB will round down fractional entitlements to, if less than 1, zero, and if greater than 1, the nearest whole number. For example, in a 1:10 rights issue, if a client holds less than 10 shares of the issuer, then when IB determines a client's rights entitlement it will round down to zero; if a client hods between 10 and 19, IB will round down to 1.  To participate in a rights issue, elections must be submitted via the Account Management election tool.

In the event an account is unable to view the full details of a corporate action, but believes the offer should be open to the account please contact IB by creating a ticket through IB's Account Management Message Center. Therein, please detail the offer and the reason the account should be considered eligible and IB will investigate the issue.