JASDEC Registration Information

Share trading in the Japanese market is cleared by JASDEC (Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc.). Most dividends and many corporate actions on shares are distributed directly by JASDEC to investor bank accounts and JASDEC registers shareholder information for this purpose. In order to trade shares via Interactive Brokers, we require the authorized JASDEC investor identification code. Please use the instructions below to provide name, address, and bank information in the required character format. This information will be transmitted securely to JASDEC which will validate the information and provide IB with the necessary authorization codes. As soon as we receive the JASDEC authorization (which may take up to a week), we will activate trading permissions on TSE shares and will notify you accordingly.

Instructions to provide information for getting JASDEC investor identification code:

  • Log into Account Management
  • If you do not already have an approved banking instruction, please add one by selecting the Funding menu. This should be the information needed to deposit dividends and other cash distributions directly to your chosen bank/account. Start by selecting Transfer and Pay followed by Transfer Funds. Choose your Transaction Type (Withdrawal)Currency (Japanese Yen), and Method (Zengin Wire). Keep Amount blank and enter all required information on the page. For Bank and Branch Code, please enter your 4 digit bank code and 3 digit branch code without a space (Eg. 0001001) and click on Continue button to complete confirmation step.
  • Select the Support section from the left of the screen in Account Management and further select the JASDEC icon.
  • Enter your name and address information in the particular character format as specified on the screens.