Hosted Solutions Fee Schedule

As a vendor of market data (e.g., current bid/ask prices, opening & closing ranges, high-low and last sales), IB is subject to various exchange agreements which specify and control the manner in which such data may be disseminated. In addition, certain of these exchanges impose a monthly fee where real-time or delayed data is distributed through what is commonly referred to as a Hosted Solution. Here, the term Hosted Solution is generally used to describe an arrangement whereby the clients of an organization, such as a non-disclosed introducing broker, obtain market data through IB’s vendor agreement rather than through a vendor agreement between the organization and the exchange. 

In situations where a Hosted Solution exists, IB will allow the introducing broker or organization the ability to opt out of the fee to restrict their clients from subscribing to the underlying subscriptions or enable the fee to allow their customers to subscribe to the related underlying subscriptions. Outlined below is a list of these fees in effect as of December 2016. We recommend that you refer to the website of each of the individual exchanges for updates.


Real-Time Subscription
Monthly Fee
BATS EU Hosted Solutions
GBP 950
USD 150
NASDAQ OMX GIDS (NASDAQ Global Index Data Service)
USD 800
Nordic Equity Level 1 & Level 2 Non-Professional
EUR 800
Nordic Equity Level 1 & Level 2 Professional
EUR 2,140


Questions regarding these fees may be directed to the IB Professional Services Team at 866-694-2757 (toll free within the U.S. and Canada) or 203-618-7791 (direct).