How to Obtain an Online Security Code Card


The Online Security Code Card serves as a transitional security device, available to users who do not have their permanent device in their possession and who have therefore been issued a temporary passcode for account login purposes.  Upon issuance of the temporary passcode IB strongly encourages recipients to log into Account Management and request the Online Security Card with the principal benefits of doing so as follows:

- Enhanced protection from Internet hackers through the assignment of random passcodes at login;

- Provides extended window (21 days vs. 2 for temporary passcode) to secure and reactivate the permanent device, after which it can then be discarded;

- Allows for withdrawals and information changes without the restrictions imposed upon temporary passcode users;

- Can be obtained and printed directly from Account Management and allows for re-activation of the permanent device without Customer Service contact.



The steps for obtaining the card within Account Management are as follows:


1. Select the menu options Manage Account --> Security --> Secure Login System --> Security Device.

Account Management Menu

NOTE: If you currently use temporary security code to login, please skip to (2b).


2a. Click 'Yes, I want to participate in the Secure Login System' and then 'Continue'.

Request Security Device


2b. It will default to 'Request an Online(temporary) Security Code Card'. Click 'Continue' to proceed.

3. You will be presented with an image of the Online Security Card. 

Online Security Code Card [Top Half]


4. In order to print the image, click on the 'Print' button located below the image. Should you not have a printer, you can right-click directly on the image itself to save it as a file on your computer.

Online Security Code Card [Bottom Half]


5. Click on the 'Confirm' button to activate the card. Two index numbers will appear on screen. Should you realize the card has not been printed correctly, you can click the button 'Back' to display again the image of the Online Security Card.

Activate Online Security Code Card


6. Locate the first index number on the card you have printed and enter the correspondent 3-digits code into the 'Card Values' field. Then repeat for the second index number leaving no spaces between the codes. Then Click on the button 'Submit'.

Security Code Card values


7. Once you have successfully activated the online security code card it will present you the date the online card will expire and provided you an option to request a permanent security device.

Online Security Code Card Activated



See KB1042 for video instructions on logging in with the Secure Code Card.

See KB1942 for instructions on re-activating the permanent Secure Login Device

See KB1943 for instructions on requesting a replacement Secure Login Device