Mailing Address For Check Deposits to Interactive Brokers


For paper and mail based deposit of funds

Before sending your check deposit, you should write your account number on the check. We highly encourage you to create a deposit notification, which allows us to efficiently identify your incoming funds for proper credit to your account. 

The specific mailing instructions, including the printing of the deposit form, and addresses will be displayed during the deposit notification process. The IBKR address for sending your check will be printed on the deposit form.

Upon receipt of this deposit the notice should update to provide the availability date of the deposit.

  • To ensure proper handling and to avoid unnecessary delays, please instruct your financial institution not to mail checks directly to our bank.
  • Please take note that Interactive Brokers Canada customers cannot fund their accounts with cheques or bank drafts.
  • Deposit notifications do NOT move any funds; you must contact your bank to move the funds into your IBKR account. 

In order to create a Check deposit notification, you will need to visit our secure website:  Be prepared to provide your username, password and any additional secure log-in information when submitting your notice.

1. Log into Client Portal

2. Select Transfer & Pay

3. Click on Transfer Funds

4. Your Transaction Type: Deposit

5. The Currency: USD

6. Choose the Method: Check

and follow the prompts.

Next, mail your check with the Confirmation Page to one of the addresses listed below.


(If you are sending your check via overnight delivery service (FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc))

Interactive Brokers LLC

2 Pickwick Plaza

Attn: IBCD

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

United States


(If you are sending your check via regular mail or US Postal Service (USPS) EXPRESS MAIL)

Interactive Brokers LLC

P.O. Box 7579

Attn: IBCD

Greenwich, Connecticut 06836-7579

United States


Please Note:

  • The person who signs the check must be the account holder.
  • Your name must be printed on the check.
  • You must sign and date your check.
  • Payee Name must be Interactive Brokers LLC