I want my liquidated position to be reinstated.


IBKR employs a proprietary algorithm which identifies positions for liquidation.  This is a complicated formula which seeks always to make the best possible liquidation.  There are numerous factors involved in the liquidation algorithm which are taken into account prior to the creation of a liquidation trade.


Your liquidated securities, if part of a valid liquidation, will not be taken back, or reinstated.  Going forward, I want to point you towards a feature that might be of help.  In the Account Window, under Portfolio, you will have your positions listed.  You can highlight a position that you would prefer not be liquidated prior to others in the account in the event of a liquidation, by left-clicking it.  Once this position is highlighted, right-click on the line.  In the box which appears choose “Set Liquidate Last”.  This feature allows you to mark those positions which you would prefer to hold over others.  IBKR will try to honor those requests, but this is merely a request and we cannot guarantee that the chosen position won’t be liquidated.