Client Portal Login Failure using Safari as Browser


Most recent versions of web browsers contain a feature which prompts users to save their user name and password when logging into various sites on the Internet. While convenient in practice, this feature introduces a significant security risk in that it allows anyone with access to the computer to log into those sites where the password has been saved.

Many sites that deal with highly sensitive information, including the Client Portal, have controls which do not allow this feature to be utilized. While most browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome allow for such controls, others such as Apple's Safari do not.

As a result, Safari users who attempt to use the password save feature may experience log in failures on future log in attempts.



Should this log in failure occur, you will need to remove the saved login credentials. To remove the login credentials, follow these steps:

1) When Safari is in the foreground, click on the menu Safari --> Preferences
2) Click on the icon AutoFill on the toolbar
3) Click on the button Edit... next to "User names and passwords" (see Figure 1.)

                Figure 1.

4) Locate the line related to the Client Portal web site and select it (see Figure 2.)

                Figure 2.

5) Click on the button Remove (see Figure 3.)

                Figure 3.

6) Close and reopen Safari. You should now be able to log in . Upon log in you will be prompted whether to save user/pass again for the website. Please answer “Never for this website” or "Not now".