How to Enable Messaging Through Account Management


Customers who wish to enable messaging to their mobile phone will benefit by receiving IB notifications via text message rather than only through Account Management’s Message Center. Please follow the steps below in order to verify your mobile number and set up your account for messaging.

1. Log in to Account Management and navigate to Manage Account > Account Information > Details > Profile

2. From within the table provided, click on the Modify link for the individual
3. Within the section Phone Number(s), click on the box to enable Use for Messaging. Once completed, click Continue
  • Note, if you have not yet entered a mobile number, click the Add Additional Number button and enter in the mobile number.
  • If you are entering a US number, enter the email for mobile messaging. This is generally composed of your telephone number (including country code) plus the address locator based on the phone service. For example,
4. Click through the next screen by clicking Continue. You will then be presented with the below confirmation.
5. After clicking Continue, you will see a Pending Item from the Account Management home page. If you are not automatically brought to the page, click on the IB trader icon from the upper left hand side of the page.
 6. Enter the Pending Items tab and click on the Complete link on the line item Validate Mobile Phone Numbers
7. You will be sent a text message with a confirmation number. You will be required to enter this on the below page and click Validate to complete the process. Should you not receive the text, you may request that it be resent by clicking on the Resend Confirmation Numbers button which will be reflected on the screen.