Operating your Digital Security Card+

The Digital Security Card (DSC) is a battery operated security device which generates a series of random codes to be entered along with your user name and password upon each log in attempt.  As physical possession of the DSC is required to obtain the codes and log in, the device effectively prevents hackers who may have compromised your computer or information from accessing your account.  Instructions for operating the DSC are outlined below. 



Step 1 -  When logging into your account, enter your user name and password as usual. If successful, a 6-digit Challenge Code will appear. 

Step 2 - Turn on your device by pressing the “press” button until the 'PIN>' display appears, enter the 4-digit PIN code you specified at the time you requested the device and press the “OK” button. 

Step 3 - Enter the 6-digit Challenge Code from the login screen (step A) into the device when the 'CHALLNG>' display appears, press the “OK” button and a response code will appear. 

Step 4 - Enter the 8 digits of the response code (Step C) into the login Screen. Select the Login button to proceed. 

Note that the buttons on your security cards are not touch sensitive and must to be pressed to operate.


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