Does IBKR provide for a dormant or inactive account status?

As the IBKR business model, by design, is oriented towards active traders, there is no provision for dormant or inactive account status. As long as an account remains funded it will be subject to the monthly minimum activity fee of USD 10 (this minimum activity fee is set at USD 3 for account holders age 25 and under). Also, should the account balance fall below USD 2,000 IBKR is precluded, by regulation, from affording margin treatment to securities positions. In addition, account holders will also be billed for any market data subscriptions maintained and, as a matter of policy, will have subscriptions terminated automatically when the account balance falls below USD 500.

Also note that the monthly minimum activity fee will continue to be assessed until such time the account no longer has equity, at which point it will be automatically closed. Should funds be transferred back into the account, thereby reopening the account, the monthly activity fee will once again be assessed.

Individuals seeking to close an account are encouraged to refer to our User's Guide to familiarize themselves with the steps and prerequisites for taking this action.