Locating your account number for ACATS transfers

In order for your ACAT or ATON transfer to be completed successfully, your broker must validate the account number provided on the request. If the account number is invalid, your broker will reject the request. IBKR recommends that clients review a copy of their brokerage statement to confirm their account number and has provided statement samples below from some of the more common brokers highlighting where this information can be found.


Charles Schwab - Broker #0164.  Account Number convention is 8 characters, all numeric.


Fidelity Investments - Delivers through National Financial Services, Broker #0226.  Account Number convention is 9 characters, first 3 alpha-numeric and last 6 numeric.



Merrill Edge - Broker #0671.  Account Number convention is 8 characters, combination of alpha and numeric.


TD Ameritrade - Broker #0188. Account Number convention is 9 characters, all numeric.


Vanguard- Broker #0062. Account Number convention is 8 characters, all numeric.


Note: This article contains images of sample broker statements which are for illustrative purposes only and which may contain logos that remain the property of each of those brokers.