China Connect Northbound Investor ID Model

In November 2017, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced an agreement to introduce an investor identification regime for Northbound trading under Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect. This regime is intended to enhance regulatory surveillance of mainland-listed stock trading from Hong Kong and requires brokers to report the identity of clients submitting orders to either the Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchange.  This regulation will be effective as of September 26, 2018.  Additional information is provided in the series of FAQs below.
What is the Stock Connect?
The Stock Connect is a collaboration between the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges which allows international and Mainland Chinese investors to trade securities in each other's markets through the trading and clearing facilities of their home exchange.
What is Northbound trading?
Northbound trading refers to the trading of mainland-listed stocks (e.g., Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges) from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
What information is being collected and reported?
The information collected and reported depends upon the client classification. In the case of individuals, the information is as follows:
  • Name in English and Chinese
  • ID issuing country/jurisdiction
  • ID type (Hong Kong ID card, ID card issued by the government authority of relevant country/region, passport, or any other official identity document e.g. driver's license)
  • ID number (number of ID document)
For Institutional investors, the information is as follows:
  • Entity name
  • Other official incorporation documents (IBKR will attempt to us the documents clients provided at the point of account opening, whenever possible).
  • Legal Entity Identifier (if you do not already have an LEI, you can order one through IBKR when requesting trading permissions for China Connect. Note that obtaining a LEI can take up to three days, is associated with an application fee imposed by the LEI issuing organization, and an annual renewal fee thereafter).
Each Northbound trading client will be assigned a Broker-to-Client Assigned Number (BCAN) which will be associated with the identification information collected and will be tagged to every Northbound order on a real-time basis.
Who is IBKR authorized to share this information with?
Clients who wish to access the Stock Connect must provide IBKR with consent to provide their information to the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd and the Chinese regulatory bodies such as:
  • Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
  • China Securities Depository and Clearing (Hong Kong) Company Limited
  • Mainland regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies
How will IBKR collect this information?
Clients with existing Northbound trading permissions will be presented with the online form upon log in to Client Portal. This form will allow IBKR to collect the required information and consent to submit this information upon order submission.
When will the identification take place?
The Northbound Investor ID model will be effective as of October 22, 2018. 
Will there be a Southbound Investor ID model?
The SFC and the CSRC also agreed to introduce a similar investor identification regime for Southbound trading as soon as possible after the regime for Northbound trading is implemented.
What happens if I do not provide the required information?
Once the Northbound Investor ID model is in effect, clients who either fail to provide the required information or elect not to provide consent to report the required information will not be allowed to submit opening Northbound orders but will be allowed to close existing positions.
How can I trade China Connect Stocks?
In order to trade China Connect stocks clients are required to login to Client Portal and request the necessary trading permissions. To do so:
  1. Log into Client Portal
  2. Click the User menu (head and shoulders icon in the top right corner) followed by Manage Account
  3. If you manage multiple accounts, select an account by clicking on the account number to popup the Account Selector
  4. Click the Configure (gear) icon next to Trading Experience & Permissions
  5. Click on "Stocks" and check the box next to "Hong Kong/China Stock Connect"
  6. Click CONTINUE and follow the prompts on screen.
After the trading permission has been requested clients will be prompted with the Northbound Trader Disclosure. Once consent has been given, IBKR will assign a BCAN and send the client file to the HKEX before the deadline at 2:45pm HKT. If the request has been approved, clients will be able to trade on the next day.