Order Rejection on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)

According to the TASE regulations each stock has a minimum order size for regular trading.  The size is a stock specific calculation of a minimal monetary value at the beginning of each month. Where the value for a stock in the TA-35 index is 5000 NIS and anything outside of this is 2’000.

Please note: When an order is rejected by the exchange you will receive the minimum size required by the exchange.
  • Example
    • Minimum Size Calculation Example:
      • Bank Leumi share's closing price is 1000 NIS on the 1st of the Month
      • Min Size is 5000/1000 = 5
    • Order Placement
      • Successful order: 5 LEUMI Shares
      • Unsuccessful order: 4 LEUMI Shares
In order to place an opening or closing orders during continuous trading you must input an order of at least 5 shares.
During the Opening and Closing Auction you may initiate any size limit order
For further information on the minimum order size please refer to

TASE Schedule in IST

Mon - Thu
Pre-Opening start
Theoretical Price start
Opening Auction start
Continuous Trade Phase Start
Pre-closing & theoretical prices start
16:14 -16:15
Closing Auction & end of trade
16:24 -16:25