Secure Login with Digital Security Card+


Securely log into any IBKR application, including TWS, Client Portal or WebTrader, using IBKR's Digital Security Card+.


NOTE: The buttons on your security card are not touch sensitive, but rather require to be pressed.

1. When logging in to your account, enter your user name and password as usual (Point 1 of Figure 1). If successful, a 6-digit Challenge Code will appear (Point 2 of Figure 1).

Figure 1.


2. Turn on your device by pressing the “press” button until the 'PIN>' display appears (Figure 2), enter the 4-digit PIN code you specified at the time you requested the device, then press the “OK” button (Figure 3).


3. When the 'CHALLNG>' display appears on the device (Figure 4), enter the 6-digit Challenge Code from the login screen (step 1.) into the device, then press the "OK" button (Figure 5).

4. A response code will appear (Figure 6)

Figure 6.                                                          

5. Enter the 8 digits of the response code into the login screen (Figure 7). Select the Login button to proceed. If the passcode expires, start over from step 1. above.

Figure 7.                                                               

NOTE: The Security Code field will look slightly different depending on the application you are logging in to.


  • See KB1131 for an overview of the Secure Login System
  • See KB2636 for information and procedures related to Security Devices
  • See KB2481 for instructions about sharing the Security Login Device between two or more users
  • See KB2545 for instructions on how to opt back in to the Secure Login System
  • See KB975 for instructions on how to return your security device to IBKR
  • See KB2260 for instructions on activating the IB Key authentication via IBKR Mobile
  • See KB2895 for information about Multiple 2Factor System (M2FS)
  • See KB1861 for information about charges or expenses associated with the security devices
  • See KB69 for information about Temporary passcode validity