How to Add Another User to an Active IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key) for Android


This page covers the steps required to add a user to the Authentication section in the IBKR Mobile app for Android devices. 


  • The IBKR Mobile app must be installed and IBKR Mobile Authentication (IB Key) already activated on this Android device.
  • For more information on the installation and activation on Android devices, please consult KB2270.



1. On your Android device, open the IBKR Mobile app.

     1.a. If the app opens with the login screen (Figure 1), tap on Services on the top-left corner (red arrow) and proceed with step 2.

     1.b. If the app opens with your Home Page, Portfolio, Watchlists, or similar, tap on More on the top-left corner (Figure 2). Then tap on Two-Factor Authentication (Figure 3), followed by Add User (Figure 4) and proceed with step 3.

Figure 1.                                       Figure 2.                                        Figure 3.


Figure 4.

2. Tap on Authenticate (Figure 5) and then on Add User (Figure 6).

Figure 5.                                           Figure 6.


3. Read the instructions and then tap on Continue (Figure 7).

Figure 7.

4. Enter your Username and Password, then tap on Continue (Figure 8). 

Figure 8.

5. An Authentication Code will be sent via SMS to the mobile phone number listed on your account (Figure 9). Enter this Authentication Code in the Activation Code field and tap on Send (Figure 10).

Figure 9.                                                        Figure 10.


6. Provide your PIN then tap on Activate (Figure 11).

Figure 11.

7. If the activation has been successful, you will see a confirmation screen. Finally, tap on Done to complete the procedure (Figure 12).

Figure 12.