ASX Dividend and Corporate Action FAQ

Interactive Brokers Australia Pty Ltd (“IBKR Australia”) has appointed a third party sub-custodian: BNP Paribas Security Services (“BNP”), to hold ASX listed cash equities for the benefit of our clients1. IBKR Australia ensures that securities acquired on your behalf are recorded in the books and records of BNP in the name of IBKR Australia’s wholly owned nominee company, Interactive Brokers Australia Nominees Pty Ltd (“IBA Nominees”). IBKR Australia is responsible for the conduct of IBA Nominees.

For your convenience, we have consolidated some common queries from clients regarding this arrangement, as well as some common queries regarding corporate actions in general.


Can I hold my securities on my own individual HIN (Holder Identification Number)?

No. IBKR Australia does not support individual HIN registration. Instead, IBA Nominees holds all client positions on an omnibus basis with BNP or the applicable sub-custodian. Accordingly, you will not receive CHESS statement and information directly from the registry, but you are still entitled to dividends and to participate in any corporate actions that the company offers.


Does IBKR Australia support ASX IPO’s?

No, this is not supported via IBKR Australia.

However, you can still participate in IPOs and request the IPO shares to be received at the registry in issuer sponsored form. Once received at the registry, you can raise a position transfer ticket via the client portal message center and request to transfer these securities to your IBKR account by providing the stock ticker / account holder’s name / mailing address and the number of shares, and we will assist further.


How to monitor your portfolio and important information about corporate actions?

Under our T&Cs , you are responsible for understanding the terms of all securities, derivatives or other financial products that you trade and hold in your account. This includes the details, terms and conditions associated with corporate actions. Whilst IBKR tries to ensure that the information which it provides to you is correct and up to date, we do not warrant or guarantee that this is the case. The accuracy and correctness of information which we pass on to you may be impacted by, amongst other things, delays in processing of information by the underlying market, failure of a market data vendor or the actions of the issuers of shares in your portfolio. As a result, you should ensure you are fully aware of any information that is publicly available that affects the products you hold in your IBKR account.


Does IBKR Australia support ASX dividend reinvestment plan?

No. We only support the cash payment method.


What is the deadline to submit elective corporate actions including subscriptions and share purchase plans?

As IBKR Australia uses BNP as our sub-custodian for holding ASX listed cash equities, we must submit our instructions earlier than the market deadlines (that are typically announced within the offer documents). If you are holding the shares at the record date, an email or message center notification will be sent to you or your broker / advisor to notify you of the IBKR Australia submission deadline, which is typically at least 4 business days prior to the market deadline. If you have missed the IBKR submission deadline but still wish to submit the request, please submit a ticket request under the Corporate Action category. Note that such requests are not guaranteed to be processed and are worked on best effort basis only. If we do submit your request, you will be charged a fee of AUD 100 for each request, regardless of the outcome of the corporate action. As with all corporate actions, the issuer has the sole discretion to accept, reduce or reject your request. For more information about the fees, please refer to this link here.


Can I change or cancel my election after the IBKR Australia deadline?

Once the IBKR Australia deadline has passed, your instruction can only be worked on best effort basis. There is no guarantee that IBKR can submit your new request. However, if we do submit your request, you will be charged a fee of AUD 100 for each request, regardless of the outcome of the corporate action. As with all corporate actions, the issuer has the sole discretion to accept, reduce or reject your request. For more information about the fees, please refer to this link here.


Does IBKR Australia support Institutional Offers where applicable?

No. The offer submitted through IBKR Australia is only for retail offers. Where there is both a retail and institutional offer, you cannot accept both the Institutional and Retail at the same time. If you have been contacted directly by the registry or the issuing company regarding an institutional offer and you have accepted it, then you should not participate in the Retail Offer via IBKR Australia platform.


Does IBKR Australia allocate shares and refund (if applicable) on the payment date?

IBKR Australia will, on a best efforts basis, promptly allocate the new shares once we have received them from the BNP and have reconciled the subscription requests from all participating clients with the allocation we have received. As this process often involves multiple parties, IBKR Australia cannot guarantee the exact timing when the new shares and/ or the cash refund (if applicable) will be received in your account. As a result, by submitting the corporate action request via IBKR Australia, you acknowledge that there may be a delay in receiving the allocated securities and/or refunds (if applicable) that is outside the control of IBKR Australia and as a result you will not hold IBKR for any harm or loss associated therewith.


How does IBKR Australia handle fractional entitlements?

Requests to round up entitlements are no longer supported, including fractional entitlements. All elections must be submitted via the client portal tool with a valid lot size as set forth in the terms and conditions of the prospectus or offering documents and must only be for a whole right entitlement. Any election submitted which does not meet the criteria may be rejected or reduced accordingly.


Am I eligible to participate in any Australian Corporate Action as a foreign investor?

IBKR Australia does not provide legal, tax or investment advice and determine your eligibility. By submitting your request through the online portal, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the prospectus or offer documents and that you are not ineligible to participate in the corporate action due to one or more of the restrictions set forth in the offering documents or prospectus, as applicable, including any restriction related residency. The registry, in its sole discretion, will determine your eligibility and whether to accept or reject your submission.


When will my funds be deducted for corporate actions requiring payment such as rights issue and shares purchase plan?

Funds will be deducted from your IBKR Australia account on the stated IBKR Australia deadline. Please ensure that there are sufficient funds available in the IBKR Australia account at that time. Failure to ensure that you have sufficient funding may result in a rejection of your election, and in some circumstances, forced liquidations to occur in your account.


When is the deadline to submit ASX Proxy Votes via IBKR Australia?

Similar to the circumstances of submitting elective corporate actions, Australian Proxy Vote instructions must be submitted at least 8 business days prior to the meeting day. We are unable to pass on voting instructions after this deadline has passed.


Will IBKR Australia notify me of upcoming ASX Proxy Votes?

ASX Proxy voting is provided as a courtesy service only and we do not support the provision of notifications for upcoming shareholder meetings, as such.


What are the steps to submit a proxy vote for ASX stock?

In order to participate in shareholder meetings for ASX listed companies, you will need to submit a ticket via Message Center and indicate your responses to the resolutions and the number of shares you would like to submit as part of the vote. Please provide your instructions at least 8 business days prior to the meeting for IBKR Australia and our agent to have sufficient time for processing. We will process your instructions on a best effort basis. Please do not contact BNP directly.

Please ensure you create a ticket under the category Proxy Voting on the Message Center with all of the following information to avoid any delays:

  • Ticket Subject ASX (Stock Ticker) Proxy Vote Submission
  • Meeting date:
  • Confirm the IBKR Australia account number to vote:
  • Number of shares to vote:
  • EACH resolution item vote direction (FOR/AGAINST/ABSTAIN):
  • Agree this ticket submission is final and irrevocable and the shares will not be sold prior to the meeting date.


1. For complete details of the sub-custodians that IBA has appointed for ASX securities, please refer to this link