I am unable to scan the QR Code in the Client Portal. How can I activate IB Key? (Android)


  • Your Android Phone must not be rooted.
  • The Android OS version must be 6.0 or later.

You can download the IBKR Mobile app on your smartphone directly from;
Google Play Store , 360 Mobile Assistant or Baidu Mobile Assistant.

Get the IB Key from the Google Play store          Download IB Key from 360 Mobile Assistance          Download IB Key from Baidu Mobile Assistant


1) On your Android phone tap on the Play Store Google Play Store App icon app.

2) Tap on the search bar at the top, type IBKR Mobile then tap the magnifying glass to search.

Figure 2

3) Locate and select the app IBKR Mobile from Interactive Brokers Group, then tap on Install to the right.

Figure 3


4) Once the installation completes, tap on Open to launch the IBKR Mobile app.

Figure 4


Figure 5


Figure 6

7) Type the alphanumeric string present below the QR code in the Session ID field

Figure 7

8) Create a PIN of your preference then tap ACTIVATE. The PIN must be at least 4 and up to 6 characters (letters, numbers and special characters allowed). Tap +PIN Guidelines or refer to KB2269 for additional guidelines.

Figure 8

9) You will receive a message confirming the successful activation of IB Key. Tap DONE to complete the procedure

Figure 9



Possible Issues and Solutions


  • During the IB Key activation, I receive an error message "An error has occurred. Please try again."

Figure 14

This error message (Figure 14) may indicate you are attempting to activate an IB Key instance that is already activated. Please try to log in to the Client Portal again. If you receive a notification on your smartphone once you have entered the credentials and you are able to complete the authentication once you tap on that notification, then your IB Key instance is already activated and you no longer need to follow the steps on this article.

Alternatively, the error message may be displayed when the QR code shown in the Client Portal was already used to attempt an activation and is expired. In this case, please log out of the Client Portal and log back in to obtain a fresh QR code.


  • See KB2260 for instruction on how to activate and operate IBKR Mobile Authentication.
  • See KB2748 for instructions on how to recover IBKR Mobile Authentication.
  • See KB3236 for instructions on how to enable notifications for the IBKR Mobile app.
  • See KB3234 for troubleshooting missing IBKR Mobile notifications.
  • See KB3073 for instructions on how to migrate the IB Key / IBKR Mobile authentication to a new smartphone.