Generate a key pair using GPG for Windows

Generate a key pair using GPG for Windows

1. Download the GPG Installer for Windows

2. Run the installer, and make sure to tick GPA as one of the sub components to include

3. Start the GPA program

4. Click Generate Key when you see the below screen
5. Enter your full name
6. Enter your full email address
7. You will be asked to enter a pass phrase for your key and once you enter it, you will be asked to enter it once again to confirm on another dialog window. PLEASE NOTE: Keeping a secure copy of this password is essential. Any loss of this password will require the whole process to be repeated again.
8. A directory browser window will appear asking you to specify the location of the backup of your secret key. If may or may not look like the below image. You secret key is used to decrypt the sensitive information we send to you
9. Once you have created your key and saved a backup, you should see the main screen. If the program crashes or something else happens, you can always start the GPA program again. Now take a look at the main screen of the GPA program, you should see you key listed there, similarly to the image below. Please make sure the key never expires and is of a type RSA 2048 bit
10. Export your public key to a file. Select the key from the list with a single left click of the mouse. Then right click and choose export.
11. Navigate to the directory where you want to save your backup key. Choose a name such as publickey.asc then click Save. 
12. You will receive a message confirming where the key was exported. Click the Close button on this dialog
13. Finally open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to the directory. Send the public.asc file to us as an email attachment to Include your account number in the email Subject

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