FAQs: IBIE Pre-Migration Action item Guide


As previously noted, IBKR will cease IBLUX’s regulated business, and as a result, will need to make some changes in relation to which legal entity does business with you. It is our intention that all of your accounts, investments and services currently provided to you by IBLUX will instead be provided by IBIE.

Prior to the Proposed Transfer occurring, certain action items must be completed in the Client Portal. These action items may include:

- Submission of Proof of Identity documentation

- Submission of Proof of Address documentation

- Completion of Identity Verification Selfie task

- Investment Portfolio Changes

Please carefully review this FAQ in order to complete the necessary action items and facilitate the Proposed Transfer. For more information on this transfer, please review the FAQs for IBIE.

How do I access pending items in Client Portal?

Follow the below procedure to access pending items in Client Portal:

  1. Log in to Client Portal.
  2. Click the Notifications (bell) icon in the top right corner. The number on the icon shows you how many total unread notifications you have.
  3. A drop-down menu will open showing your Pending Items, Corporate Actions and Messages.
  4. Click Pending Items.
  5. You can open and view any pending item to see the details of the item. Click the View button for the pending item you want to view.


What documents are acceptable for these tasks?

Acceptable documents for Proof of Identity and Proof of Address action items include the following:

Document Category Acceptable Documents (only one document per category is needed)

Proof of Identity of the Account Holder

Please provide a current and valid document (or documents) that contains the following: full name, date and place of birth, clear photograph, signature of the holder, document number, expiration date, and country of issue. If the information required is on multiple pages, please provide copies of all of those pages.

• Passport

• National Identity Card

• Driver’s License

Proof of Residential Address of the Account Holder

The document must clearly list the applicant's name and the relevant address and must be less than six months old unless otherwise specified. Please provide a scanned version of a hard copy bill.

• Utility Bill: For example, a bill for electricity, gas, water, landline telephone, home broadband, or TV. Mobile phone bills are not acceptable forms of proof of address.

• Council tax bill

• Home insurance bill

• Bank, mortgage or brokerage statement

• Signed and stamped letter from your bank on the bank’s letterhead confirming address

• Credit card statement (not older than six weeks)

• Government issued letters or statements: For example, we would accept a property tax bill, confirmation of residential address from the local authorities or a pension statement. Must be on official government letterheaded paper.

• Resident permit

• Driver’s license or national identity card: If you use your driver's license or national identification card as proof of identity, it cannot also be used as proof of address.

• For HUNGARY only: ADDRESS CARD which shows the current residential address.


What Investment Portfolio Changes do I need to make?

IBIE will offer the same range of products as IBLUX plus some additional products such as (i) Bonds; (ii) OTC Precious Metals, and (iii) OTC Metal Futures. IBIE will also offer the ability to participate in the Stock Yield Enhancement Programme. Please review the Stock Yield Enhancement Programme Agreement if you are interested in participating.