What timeframe of activity statements is made available online and how can archived statements be obtained?


Daily activity statements for the past 6 years are available online through Client Portal. Monthly activity statements for the past 84 months and annual statements for the past 7 years are also available. Archived statements are available on a best efforts basis and are available in electronic format only (delivered via email). Charges vary by currency, and the fee schedule can be found on our website under the Pricing menu followed by Other Fees.

Note: IBKR does not typically provide daily statements in lieu of monthly or annual statements.

Payment may be made in the form of check, or in the case of active accounts a debit to the account cash balance.  Requests for archived statements may be made via web ticket and checks are to be mailed to Interactive Brokers, Attn: Funds & Banking, 209 S La Salle St. Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60604 USA



Cashier’s Checks, Official Checks, Teller’s Checks and Banker’s checks issued by banks are the recommended forms of payment.  Personal checks and checks issued by a credit union or bill payment service are subject to a seven business day hold period, after which the requested statements will be issued.