How to Access Your Reports Using FTP on Windows


This tutorial assumes you received reports via email or via FTP that were encrypted with the public key you sent to IBKR. If you need guidance to set up the encrypted statement delivery, please refer to this article, which is a prerequisite to the instructions below.

There are multiple methods to access the IBKR FTP server. FTP clients such as Filezilla can be used or you could as well launch the command ftp from the Command Prompt or use the Windows Explorer. In this article, we explain how to realize the connection to the IBKR FTP server using Windows Explorer.

Important Note: You will not be able to connect using your browser.

Once you are connected to the IBKR FTP Server, you will have both read and write access to your folder. The retention policy for the files is 100 days - IBKR will automatically purge files after that.

To access your reports using Windows File Explorer:

1. Open the Windows File Explorer by either pressing Windows Key + E on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can type File Explorer into the Windows search box and click on Open

2. In the File Explorer window, type the FTP address,, into the file path at the top of the window and hit Enter.

3. A window prompting your for credentials will appear. Enter the FTP username and password IBKR provided you with into the correspondent fields and click Log On.

4. You now have direct access to your FTP folder. Documents and files contained in your FTP folder can now be decrypted using your PGP key, as described in IBKB4108.


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