Troubleshooting Tip - Unable to open IBKR Activity Statement from email link


In addition to posting Activity Statements to Client Portal, IBKR provides clients with the option of receiving statements via email (unsecured) by choosing this option from the Reports > Statements - Statement Delivery menu item in Client Portal. 


There have been instances where certain clients who have elected this option receive the email but are unable to open the attachment containing the statement.  Once the email has been sent the handling of these attachments is administered not by IBKR but rather by the client's email service provider and/or their desktop security settings.  Oftentimes, a service provider will block access to email attachments in order to minimize the threat of a virus or malware being introduced or perhaps to manage bandwidth and internal disk space.  If this is the case, clients may wish to contact their service provider for assistance or change their email address.

Alternatively, clients are encouraged to access statements by logging in to the secure Client Portal from the website and selecting the Reports > Statements menu options.