Tax Reporting: Form 1099-R Reporting IRA Rollovers

A rollover occurs when money is distributed from one tax-deferred account and deposited within 60 days to another tax deferred account. There are two types of IRA rollovers: 1) a direct rollover, which occurs when funds are transferred directly from one account to another account by the account custodians/trustees, and 2) a distribution, which is made directly to you and within 60 days you deposit the full amount (including any taxes withheld) into a new IRA or other tax deferred account. The custodian/trustee distributing the funds will issue you a 1099-R reporting the payment/transfer of funds. The code in Box 7 indicates what type of payment was made. The custodian/ trustee receiving the IRA funds will issue a Form 5498 in May reporting the contribution to the receiving IRA account which reports to the IRS that you deposited the money into another IRA.

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