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What happens if I trade a product denominated in a currency which I do not hold in my account? Article KB722
Why do I receive a notice of a potential buy-in of my short position when your Short Stock Availability List is showing shares available to borrow? Article KB725
Why use smart routing? Article KB728
Where can I receive additional information on options? Article KB729
What is the minimum applicant age requirement? Article KB815
Why does my Account Window show different currency positions in the Market Value section and FX Portfolio? Article KB830
When I short a stock, when will the hard to borrow interest begin accruing? Article KB963
Withdrawal restrictions applicable to assets transferred via ACATS? Article KB984
What is the typical timeframe for completion of a full ACATS transfer request? Article KB985
What is a partial ACATS transfer and what is the typical timeframe for its completion? Article KB986
What is an "Odd Lot" in stocks? Article KB1062
Which Tax Form Should I Select? Article KB1082
What corporate action services does Interactive Brokers provide? Article KB1084
Why am I subject to a commodity account trading limit of 1 contract? Article KB1085
Why am I required to provide a W-8 if I am not a US citizen or resident? Article KB1122
Why does the "price" on hard to borrow stocks not agree to the closing price of the stock? Article KB1146
What is the purpose of the security questions? Article KB1154
Why am I required to disclose my employment with a financial institution? Article KB1160
Why are corrected 1099-DIV forms issued ? Article KB1183
What’s New for the 2011 Gain/Loss Summary Worksheet Article KB1214
What if a forex order is transmitted to the incorrect venue? Article KB1285
Where to direct inquiries and requests regarding IBG Notes Article KB1324
Why is there no "Last" price for Forex pairs? Article KB1425
Why Do Commission Charges on U.S. Options Vary? Article KB1848
W8 Re-certification Article KB1894
Wie kann ich das IB Sicherheitsgerät an Interactive Brokers LLC zurückschicken? Article KB1973
Worksheet for Form 8949 - TurboTax FAQs Article KB2042
Welcome to Interactive Brokers Article KB2189
Wissenswertes zur vorzeitigen Ausübung von Call-Optionen Article KB2408
Welche Stichtage sind in Bezug auf Dividenden von Bedeutung? Article KB2424
Weitergabe von Gebühren für American Depository Receipts (ADRs) Article KB2482
Was bedeutet der Status „Warten auf Berater“ neben meinem Auszahlungsantrag? Article KB2487
Willkommen bei Interactive Brokers Article KB2675
Withholding Tax on Dividend Equivalent Payments - FAQs Article KB2837