How to open a paper trading account

Any client who completes an application for an IBKR account will be given a paper trading account to try our Trader Workstation platform. The client will be able to login with the username and password they created during the registration process. This paper account will provide delayed market data and access to many advanced tools. Once the client funds their live account, we will copy their free trial settings to their live account. While a new username and password will be created for their paper trading account on the back end, the client will be able to use the original username and password they created to access either their live or paper account by using the drop down menu on the login window.

To those clients who opened their account prior to us launching the TWS Test Drive (as explained above), they will have the ability to create a paper account through Client Portal. Once logged into Client Portal, the client will want to select the Settings > Account Settings menu option and click the Configure (Gear) icon next to Paper Trading Account option. The Paper Trading account will then be made available within 24 hours under normal business circumstances. While the system will require the user to create a new username and password for their new paper account, they also will be able to log in with their production username and password using the drop down selector on the login screen. Although they are not required to use it, we recommend that account holders save and protect the Paper Trader username and password in the same way one would protect other confidential password information.

For additional information, please visit our website and select the Trading menu followed by TWS Software and scroll up to the Paper Trading section.

For information on how to change your Paper Trading account password, please see KB48.