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The security of your assets and personal information is of utmost concern to IB and we are committed to taking the steps necessary to make certain that you are protected from the moment you open your account.  A key component of protection is the Secure Login System (SLS), a login process which relies upon 2-factor authentication to prevent anyone from accessing or using your account, even if they know your User Name and password. Once SLS enrolled, your account can only be accessed through use of 2 security factors: 1) something you know (entry of your User Name and password combination); and 2) something you have (entry of a random code generated from a physical security device or Smartphone application).

IB offers a variety of SLS devices, with the technical design of each corresponding to the level of assets maintained (see KB1131). The following article provides an overview of the IB Key app, a 2-factor security application which can be installed directly onto your Smartphone.

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The IB Key, is a program that you can install on your Smartphone and which operates as a security device, thereby eliminating the need to carry a separate physical device when logging into your IB account. In addition to the convenience of using a device which is trusted and routinely accessible, this app can be downloaded and activated in minutes, thereby eliminating the delays associated with the mailing of physical devices. Moreover, unlike in the case of physical devices, clients maintaining multiple accounts with distinct User Names may access all from the same IB Key app. Please refer to KB2879 for more details.

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Installation, Activation, and Operation

The IB Key currently works with devices using the Android and iOS operating systems. Installation, activation, and operating instructions can be found at the following links:

Android: KB2277
iOS: KB2278

PLEASE NOTE: Disabling and replacing any security device, including IB  Key, is subject to conditions. Please contact Client Services for assistance in this process.

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Should I return my physical device after activating the IB Key?
No need to return your physical device – it remains active and can be used as backup, or in the case of a higher security level device such as the DSC+, it can be used to initiate funds withdrawals with a higher limit. More on device withdrawal limits can found at: ibkr.com/sls .

I lost my pin. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your IB Key pin, please contact Client Services at one of the numbers found here.

I lost my phone. What do I do?
If you have lost your phone and require that the IB Key app be disabled, please contact Client Services at one of the numbers found here.

I am not receiving the SMS confirmation code. What do I do?
Some countries, most notably India, provide national "Do Not Call" or "Do Not Disturb" services to prevent telemarketing to mobile numbers. If you have an Indian phone number, or have explicitly requested your phone carrier to exclude you from public lists, you might need to contact your wireless carrier, and ask them for your account to be configured appropriately in order to receive SMS messages from Interactive Brokers.
Please note that the required steps will vary by country and mobile phone provider. It is best to contact your mobile phone provider if you have any questions regarding such "Do Not Disturb" services.

How much money can I withdraw using the IB Key?
The IB Key allows you to withdraw 200K USD per day and 600K USD in 5 Business Days.

To what accounts is the IB Key available?
The IB Key is currently available for all accounts[1].

Are there any limits on the PIN code I can use?
Your PIN can be alphanumeric and can contain special characters. Please click here for details on PIN guidelines.

Can I install the application on multiple devices at the same time?
Only ONE phone/device can be active at a time for use with your username. 

Does my phone need an Internet connection for the app to work?
     ○ The IB Key requires an Internet connection ONLY during the Enable User process.
     ○ The IB Key does NOT require an Internet connection in order to generate a passcode[2].

Can I add additional users to the same IB Key?
The IB Key supports an unlimited number of additional users with the same PIN.

What version of Android and iOS does the IB  Key support?
You need:
     ○ Android version 4.04 and higher.
     ○ iOS version 8 or higher.


[1] Restrictions for some specialized Institutional Account types may apply.
[2] Without a working data connection (wifi or cellular), IB Key will not receive the login notification message but can still be operated in Challenge-Response mode. Refer to KB2277 (Android) or KB2278 (iOS) for detailed instructions on how to use IB Key in both available modes.

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