IB Key Recovery Process on Android


The Recovery procedure is required for users who re-enable the IB Key after your phone OS has been updated or the app cache has been cleared. (Refer to KB2745 for  details on how to clear the cache for the IB Key app.)


In order to re-enable IB Key, please perform the following steps:

For All Android Versions:

  1. Launch the IB Key app. When applicable the app will ask you to recover the setup. Tap on Yes.
    Launch IB Key App for Recovery

  2. Review the Recovery directions. Tap on Continue.
    Local Data Deleted Recovery directions
  3. An Account Management login will now automatically appear.
    Enter your Account Username and Password. Tap on Login.
    Account Managemewnt Login
  4. Tap on Initialize Recovery.
     Instructions on Recovery
  5. An SMS will be sent to your phone. Once received, tap on Got SMS.
     Recovery SMS received
  6. The IB Key app will now automatically re-launch.
    Enter the SMS Code and Current Pin then tap on Submit.
     Enter SMS code and current PIN    
  7. IB Key has now been re-activated. Tap on Back to Start.
     Data recovery success   
  1. You can now close the app.


  • See KB2277 for general instructions on how to use the IB Key app.
  • See KB2745 for instructions on how to clear the cache of the IB apps.