Fees for Trading Warrants and Structured Products on Euronext


Euronext's fee thresholds on structured products and how it impacts clients' trading, for both fixed and tiered commission models


Clients that place orders and trade for more than EUR 6'000 in Warrants and Structured Products will be charged a 2.5 basis points fee with a maximum of EUR 20. 


The table below displays the exchange fees for warrants and structured products when trading on Euronext:

Product Group


Minimum per Trade

Maximum per Trade

Warrants & Structured Products – trade value up to EUR 6’000




Warrants & Structured Products – trade value more than EUR 6’000

2.50 bps


EUR 20 per Trade



For Cost Plus (Tiered) Clients:

Example: Client wishes to trade structured products on Euronext for a total trade value of EUR 10’000.

Scenario A:

Trade value = EUR 10’000

Fee = 2.5 Bps

As the trade value is above EUR 6’000, the fee of 2.50 bps applies and therefore an additional EUR 2.50 will have to be paid for the trade.

Scenario B:

Order 1:

Trade Value = EUR 5’000

Fee = 0.00

Order 2:

Trade Value = EUR 5’000

Fee = 0.00

As the trade value of each trade is below EUR 6’000, no additional fees apply.

Note: This calculation does not impact clients on the Fixed commission schedule.