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Why am I receiving notifications concerning the number of messages being sent to the CME’s Globex trading platform? Article KB189
If I am assigned on the short leg of an option spread, will the long option leg be automatically exercised so as to offset the resulting stock position from the assignment? Article KB190
Does IBKR offer trading on Forex products other than futures? Article KB192
Why is my account classified as a Pattern Day Trader account, and what can I do about it? Article KB193
What is the meaning of removing from, or adding liquidity to, the market? Article KB194
How do I update my Trading Permissions? Article KB195
How can I exercise long options? Article KB196
Is my order suspended or deactivated while I am modifying it? Article KB197
Why was I liquidated? Article KB199
Add/Remove Liquidity Article KB201
Contacting IBKR Canada Article KB213
The P&L in my Account Window does not match the P&L displayed on the Trader Workstation. Article KB219
Why did IBKR force liquidate positions in my cash account? Article KB220
What happens to the USD equity option that I am long at expiration? Article KB221
Options Assignment Prior to Expiration Article KB222
I want my liquidated position to be reinstated. Article KB223
What is the meaning of Mark-to-Market and First In, First Out? Article KB224
Why does the system not recognize my SWIFT code? Article KB225
Why did I receive a notice that the financial capacity in my account is less than 10% above the current margin requirement when my stock positions are fully-paid? Article KB226
IRA: Roth Conversions Article KB227
How do I calculate the value of a pip on my forex trades? Article KB231
How do I sell a stock short? Article KB232
I have an open order to sell short stock that should have been executed, but it is still on my TWS and not being filled. Article KB233
Overview of Regulation SHO Article KB240
Where can I request additional trading permissions and market data subscriptions? Article KB247
How do I add the field OCA Group to my Trader Workstation trading page? Article KB248
My open order doesn't appear to be working, why not? Article KB249
Is there a way in TWS that I can prevent myself from making trades that cause my cash balance to go negative? Article KB250
How can I find out if IBKR has stock available to short? Article KB251
I received an execution in my Paper Trader account that did not correspond to the market at the time, what happened? Article KB252
When I sell stock, how much does it increase SMA? Article KB253
How do you calculate margin requirements on futures and futures options? Article KB254
What is the difference between a stop, and a stop limit order? Article KB255
What formulas do you use to calculate the margin on options? Article KB256
How do I transfer US Securities to IB from another broker? Article KB278
How do I upgrade my cash account to a margin account? Article KB280
What is Interactive Broker's margin rules for stocks below $5? Article KB285
Will IBKR delay liquidation while I deposit funds in my account? Article KB289
What does the 'Pending Advisor' status mean next to my withdrawal request? Article KB292
Why are there two currencies shown when trading forex, and how do they work? Article KB295
IRA: Understanding Rollovers Article KB309
Does IBKR provide for a dormant or inactive account status? Article KB314
Can I trade products denominated in a currency other than my Base Currency in an IRA account? Article KB318
Are the funds I deposited today considered for buying power calculations? Article KB335
I'm trying to transfer assets from my account at Fidelity via ACATS but can't find that broker on your dropdown list. Article KB372
Do liquidation trades executed by IBKR count as day trades? Article KB457
How do I enter the symbol for Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares onto TWS? Article KB462
I'm receiving error messages regarding Active Order Limits, what does that mean? Article KB518
How can my employer get set up in order to receive duplicate copies of my trade confirmations and statements? Article KB558
Overview of the SPAN margining system Article KB563