How do I add the field OCA Group to my Trader Workstation trading page?


Towards the top right corner of the TWS Order Management Screen, you will see a "Trader Workstation/Ticker Lookup" search field.  Immediately to the left of this you will see a wrench shaped icon.  Click the icon.  From here, click on the Order Columns tab from the TWS Configuration window.  On the right side under Available Columns, click on Order Attributes to expand that selection and see all of your choices.  Click on OCA Group so that it is highlighted.  Then click on the Add button.  This will add OCA Group to the Shown Columns list.  Now click on the Apply button at the bottom of the window, and then the OK button.  The OCA Group column should now be on your TWS Order Management page.

Note: Because the OCA procedure is an automated process, there is no guarantee that requested cancellations and modifications will reach the specific exchange before an order has been executed.

The P&L in my Account Window does not match the P&L displayed on the Trader Workstation.


Please note that both Realized and Unrealized P&L on Trader Workstation are for informational purposes only.  They neither add, nor subtract, anything from your account.  The actual P&L credited to or debited from the account is computed from the opening trade price to the closing trade price.  This information can always be found in the daily activity statement for the account.  The P&L values displayed use the market price value when computing the value that is being displayed.  The system gives less weight to pre and post market transactions due to the lack of liquidity and the width of the spreads.  As a result of this, the previous close is used until the NYSE market opens at 09:30 EST.



The Account Window utilizes the following formulas to calculate P&L:  Unrealized P&L is the difference between the current market value of your open positions and the average cost, or Value – Average Cost; Realized P&L shows your profit on closed positions, which is the difference between your entry execution cost and exit execution cost, or (execution price + commissions to open the position) – (execution price + commissions to close the position). 


The Order Management page on TWS utilizes two different P&L calculation methods.  It is for the account holder to decide which calculation method they wish to have displayed:  Daily P&L is calculated for all positions you currently hold using the new position calculation and the formula (current price) – (prior day’s closing price) x (total number of outstanding shares); while New Position P&L is calculated for transactions executed today using the formula (current price) – (purchase price) x (number of outstanding shares purchased today).

How can I close my open positions in the event my Internet connection is disrupted?

IB maintains a trade order desk within each of its US, European and Asian Customer Service Centers, effectively providing 24 hour support for phone orders.  Traders should note that the order desk facilitates closing market orders only and such orders are assessed a Telephone Order fee of USD 30, or equivalent, in addition to all regular commissions.  A listing of phone numbers for each of the Service Centers which we recommend you print and maintain in the event you experience an Internet outage may be found here

How, under the Windows operating system, do I create a screen shot to send to IB?

Manual Screenshot

To provide an image of your full computer screen  select and hold down the ‘Ctrl’ key and then the ’Print Screen‘ key (located in the upper right corner of the keyboard).

For an image of a single window within your screen select and hold down the ‘Alt’ key and then the ‘Print Screen’ key   

Next, open a text or image editing program such as Microsoft Word to ‘paste’ and save the shot you’ve just created,.  Once the program has opened select and hold down the 'Ctrl' key and then hit the “V” key. Verify that this is the image you wish to send and then save the document to your computer.  Log into Account Management and select the Message Center from where you can create a new web ticket and attach your document.


TWS Screenshot / Log File

Traders using the TWS software can use the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + H to create a snapshot of their TWS screen and upload their log file for the current day.

A window will appear allowing the trader to enter text and check the screenshot box to include an image of the computer screen.

After pressing submit, the following window will appear to acknowledge that the files have been uploaded.



  • Customer service does not monitor these uploads during the day so be sure to communicate with the customer service desk prior to uploading files relating to a current issue.
  • Traders behind a firewall or proxy may be unable to upload log files and screenshots using the TWS method.

How can I request for a replacement secure login device or temporary security code?


IB is committed to protecting your account and your account assets from fraudulent practices. The Secure Login System provides an extra layer of security to your account. For security purposes, all replacement security device requests must be addressed via telephone and only after the identity of the named account holder or authorized user has been verbally verified. For assistance in accessing your account immediately and obtaining a replacement security device, please contact Customer Service via telephone to restore login access.

My account is enrolled in the Secure Login System and I am currently accessing my account through a temporary passcode. How long will this passcode last?

IB will issue a temporary passcode to secure login system participants in the event their security device has been misplaced, lost or damaged.  The temporary passcode is intended to provide full access to both Account Management and trading platforms for a period of 2 days. After 2 days, the temporary passcode may no longer be used to access the trading platforms but may be used to access Account Management for an additional period of 10 days. The Account Management access, however, is limited solely for the purpose of printing or saving the on-line security card.

The on-line security card, in contrast, has a lifespan of 21 days, providing the account holder with an opportunity to locate the misplaced device or have the lost or damaged device replaced. Account holders who remain without their physical security device and are unable to log in using either the temporary passcode or on-line security card will need to contact Customer Service in order access the account.  


As a matter of policy, IB will not issue consecutive temporary passcodes to a given account, but rather will act to restore the account protection to the most secure level, which is that provided by the physical security device.

Why am I able to double-click and review the details of some but not all of the news links distributed through the RSS News feed feature within TWS?


Certain of the web publishers we use to distribute these feeds (e.g. Yahoo) also aggregate and disseminate links from other third-party publishers such as whose content is not freely distributed and for which we do not provide direct subscriptions. The dissemination of these links is neither managed nor controlled by IB and we therefore cannot warrant access to news links where the content has been restricted by the publisher of origin.

The average price shown for one of my positions in the Trader Workstation is incorrect.



Average trade prices may be susceptible to reporting error on the Trader Workstation, particularly in situations where a corporate action or position transfer takes place.  While this information is intended for advisory purposes only and such errors have no impact upon the account equity or any ultimate tax obligation of the account holder, this information is adjustable by the account holder.  To adjust the average cost of a particular security, open the Account Window within the Trader Workstation and scroll down to the Portfolio section. Select the asset in question from the Portfolio section and right click on it to display the drop-down window and the Adjust Average Price menu option. Enter the desired average price into the dialog box and click OK to update the Trader Workstation view.

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