Information Regarding IB's Corporate Action Notification Process

IB receives information regarding announced and effective mandatory and voluntary corporate actions from a number of external sources. IB employs the following steps when notifying customers:

Determine the type of corporate action - each action is consumed by our systems and will be determined to be either a mandatory event (those issues where no action is required from a shareholder) or a voluntary event (those actions where a shareholder may elect from a series of options).

Determine the method of notification based on the corporate action type

  • Mandatory events - IB will send a general notification to any account holding a position in the stock, CFD, option or future in an effort to alert customers to upcoming mandatory events. Such mandatory events include stock split, acquisitions and stock and cash dividends.
  • Voluntary events - IB will review the terms of the offer with the depository or processing agent. Once the terms have been confirmed, IB will make the offer available through the corporate action election tool available through Account Management (click here for additional information on using the Voluntary CA Election tool). At the time IB opens the election offer, a notification ticket will be sent to eligible shareholders. Customers may submit their election directly through Account Management once the election period has commenced. Note that CFD holders are not eligible to make elections for voluntary events. IB will determine corresponding adjustments for CFD holders based on its corporate action guidelines.

Note: The creation of the election overview may take additional time due to the manual processing involved.

Information Regarding Class Action Litigation

Interactive Brokers offers eligible clients the ability to enroll in the Securities Class Action Recovery Service. This is an automated service that removes the administrative burden of participating in a securities class action lawsuit. Information regarding this service including eligibility and enrollment procedures is available here.

For those clients not eligible to enroll in the Securities Class Action Recovery Service or for those securities not covered by the service, please be aware that due to the nature of Interactive Brokers' business model and our efforts to keep customer costs low, IB cannot monitor, on behalf of our clients, the status of class actions or other lawsuits against the thousands of corporations whose securities are traded by our clients or provide information to customers. Generally, if a class action lawsuit is successful or if there is a settlement, shareholders should receive a claim notice from the class action administrator. Any questions pertaining to class action lawsuits should be directed to the law firms representing the plaintiff(s).

General Information on Information Provided

Please know that notifications of upcoming and effective corporate actions are delivered as a courtesy in an effort to provide information which we believe may be of note to our customers. All information is supplied on a best-efforts basis and as such, IB cannot guarantee the timeliness nor accuracy of the information. At times, terms of an offer may change without new information being provided to customers. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they have reviewed all corporate action terms with an external party, such as company websites or news releases, prior to making any trading decision.