How to opt back into the Secure Login System


Clients who participate in the Secure Login System (SLS) program on a partial opt-out basis may expose themselves to risks and the consequences of those risks and are subject to other restrictions (e.g. ability to trade Pink Sheet and OTCBB stocks).  Considering these factors along with the protection benefits afforded through SLS, you may decide to fully opt back into the Secure Login System.  The following article provides the step-by-step instructions for accomplishing this.


Please notice that in order to modify the security settings, your user needs to have the proper access rights. In case your user is not allowed to change the security settings, the system will show you a notice and will point you to the user which has such rights.

In order to opt back into the Secure Login System, please proceed as follows:

1. Open your browser and go to the web page

2. Click on Login --> Account Management.

3. Enter your credentials and, if required, the response code generated by your security device.

4. Click on the menu Manage Account --> Security --> Secure Login System --> SLS Opt Out.

5. You will see a list containing your primary user and, when applicable, the secondary users, which have been created under your account. Select the radio button "OPT BACK IN" in the line corresponding to the user you wish to opt back into the system and click on the button Continue.

6. A pop-up window will appear. Click OK to confirm your request.

7. The page will then automatically refresh, showing you the updated security status of the previously selected user(s).