Linking Accounts


Account linkage allows for individual account holders maintaining multiple existing accounts or seeking to open a new account the ability to group those accounts together.  In the case of a new account, linkage afffords the opportunity to open the account without having to complete a full application, with the account holder providing solely that additional information which is specific to the new account.  New account linkages are initiated either from the Account Management of the existing account (via Account Administration and then Create Additional Account menu options) or automatically when initiating a new application from the website. The following article outlines the steps for linking one or more existing accounts.


To consolidate accounts, the account holder should start by logging into Account Management with the user name of that account he/she wishes to consolidate all the other qualifying accounts to.  This will be the surviving user name and is restricted to that account which has the highest level security device if different devices are in place (if the account holder wishes to retain a user name which is not associated with the highest level security device they will need to share the highest level device of that user). Once logged in, the account holder should select the Account Administration and then Link Existing Account menu options (Exhibit 1). 

 Exhibit 1 



The next screen (Exhibit 2) will list the user names eligible for consolidation.  Note that there is no ability to consolidate a subset of the accounts. If a decision is made to consolidate, it must include all.  In addition, while an account holder may place the consolidation request at any time, the actual consolidation takes place as of the close of business each Friday.  If the account holder attempts to initiate the process from an account which has a user name they wish to retain but which does not maintain the highest level device, they will be provided the oportunity to share that highest level security device with this account (Exhibit 2a). To proceed, click on the Link Accounts button.


Exhibit 2


Exhibit 2a



The account holder will then be prompted to confirm the user name and password for the first user name to be consolidated (Exhibit 3) and will be prompted to repeat this confirmation an authentication step for each user name to be consolidated.


Exhibit 3



If your accounts maintain personal information (e.g., phone number, address, DOB), financial information or investment experience which differs between the accounts you will be presented with a screen which allows you to select the information on hand which is accurate and which will be updated to all accounts.

Exhibit 4



Once step 3 has been completed for all eligible user names the following screen (Exhibit 5) will be displayed which allows the user to cancel the consolidation request. Note that this screen will be displayed only up until the time that request has been processed as of the close of business on the Friday following entry. After that time, the consolidation becomes final and irrevocable and the linked user names disabled.  In addition, the cancellation option is provided solely when logging in with the surviving user name.  If the account holder logs into Account Management with one of the non-surviving user names and selects Link Existing Account menu option the screen view will be similar to that of Exhibit 6.  In addition, the status of your request will be shown as a Pending Request upon Account Management login until complete (Exhibit 7).


Exhibit 5


Exhibit 6 


 Exhibit 7 



* Once linked, account access to Account Management and the trading platform is accomplished using a single user name and password each of which will contain a drop-down window for selecting the account that the owner wishes to act upon.

* Consolidating accounts has no impact upon the Monthly Minimum Activity fee, that is, each account  ID is obligated to generate a minimum of USD 10, or equivalent, in commissions for a given month or be charged the difference.

* Account holders maintaining multiple security devices are required to consolidate to the user name associated with the highest level device.  The hierarchy of security devices from highest level to lowest level is as follows: Platinum, Gold, Alpine and Security Code card (Bingo).  If two or more user names have the device considered highest, the account holder may choose among those.  In the event the account holder wishes to retain a particular user name which is not associated with the highest level device, the account holder must initiate the link request by logging into that account and requesting that the higher level device be shared (Exhibit 2a).

Note that device sharing requests initiated prior to 5:00 PM ET will not take place the following day. Until that time login access will continue using the existing authentication process and devices. Also note that depending upon the timing of this request, the token share may take effect prior to the the linkage request (processed after the close of business each Friday).

* As market data subscriptions are billed at a session level (i.e., user name) and only a single TWS session can be open for any one user at a given time, account holders previously maintaining subscriptions for multiple users have the opportunity to consolidate subscriptions to a single user.  Account holders wishing to view multiple TWS sessions simultaneously may add additional users (subject to separate market data subscribtions). In addition, only those market data subscriptions already associated with the surviving user name will remain in effect following consolidation.  Account holders maintaining different subscriptions across multiple users are advised to review those subscriptions subject to cancellation in order to determine which they wish to resubscribe to under the surviving user name.  Also note that the market data subscriptions either terminated or initiated mid-month are subject to billing as if they were provided for the entire month (i.e., fees are not prorated).