IB Key iOS Overview


This page discusses specific points of installing and using the IB Key on iOS devices.  For general questions on the IB Key app, please refer to KB2260.


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  • Must be installed on an iOS device with TouchID (fingerprint reader)
  • Device iOS version must be 8 or later
  • Device must have either TouchID or Passcode enabled (refer to: Set up Touch ID for directions). TouchID is the recommended choice
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You can download IB Key app on your iPhone directly from the App Store

Get the IB Key from the Apple Store

How to download IB Key from the App Store:

  1. On your iPhone tap on the App Store App Store icon icon.
  2. Click on the Search icon (magnifying glass) in the lower right corner, then click in the search bar at the top, type IB Key then click Search.
  3. Look for IB Key from Interactive Brokers LLC, tap on GET to the right, then tap INSTALL
    (if prompted, enter your Apple ID password or provide your fingerprint.)
  4. Once the installation completes, tap on Open to launch the IB Key app.

    IB Key - Download from App Store     IB Key - Open from App Store


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Once the app is installed on your device you will need to activate it for the username you would like to protect. This operation happens entirely on your phone and internet access is required for activation.


  1. On your phone start the IB Key app. When prompted "IB Key" Would Like to Send You Notifications, tap ALLOW.
    IB Key - Push Notification Prompt
  2. On the next screen tap on Enable User, review directions then tap Continue.
    IB Key - Enable User button     IB Key - Enable user Instructions, click Continue
  3. Enter your Account Username and Password. Tap Continue.
    IB Key - Login Credentials     IB Key - Enter your Username and Password, click Continue
  4. Enter your Phone number1 (without the country code), select your Country and Cell Phone Type.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have already verified your phone with us, those fields will be pre-filled. Tap on Get Activation SMS.
    IB Key - Click Get Activation SMS

  5. An SMS message will be sent with your Activation Token. Enter the Activation Code, create a Recovery PIN2, Repeat PIN then tap on Activate.
    IB Key - Receive SMS Message with Activation Token     Enter Activation Code, create a Recovery PIN and repeat Recovery PIN
  6. IB Key has now been activated. Tap on Back to start.
    IB Key - confirmed activation is successful, click Back to Start     IB Key - Start Page, close IB Key once activation is completed.

Once the IB Key app has been activated, you can close the app and proceed to log-in to Account Management or your Trade Application. Refer to Operation instructions below on how to use the IB Key app.


  1. You must enter your phone number without your country's trunk prefix and only enter numbers without any spacing or special characters.
  2. The recovery PIN will be used to enable additional users or re-enable IB Key if it has been uninstalled. It must be at least 4 and up to 6 characters (letters, numbers and special characters allowed). Refer to KB2269 for guidelines in setting you PIN.

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Once activated, operation of the IB Key is as follows:
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not have Internet access while operating the IB Key app, please refer to the section "What if I don't receive the notification?".

  1. Enter your username and password into the trading platform or Account Management login screen and click Login. If correct, a notification will be sent to your iPhone.
    Two Factor Authentication Prompt
  2. On your iPhone, check your notification menu and select the IB Key app notification
     IB Key Push Notification prompt on iPhone.
  3. Selecting the notification will launch the IB Key app. On your iPhone, place your finger that was registered for Touch ID on the Home Button. If the TouchID has not been activated, the IB Key will prompt you to enter the Passcode
    IB Key Fingerprint Authentication

  4. If authentication succeeds, the Log-in will now automatically proceed.
    Login proceeds after authentication 

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What if I don't receive the notification?

If no internet access is available or if you have a poor, unstable connection it is possible the notification may not arrive. In these cases operation of the IB Key app is as follows: 

  1. Click the link Click here if you do not receive the notification.
    Click here if you do not receive the notification
  2. This will generate challenge code and box to enter response.
    TWS Two Factor Challenge/Response
  3. Launch the IB Key app on your Smartphone, enter the Challenge number and then click Generate.
    IB Key - Generate    
    iPhone Manual Two Factor Authentication
  4. Place your finger that was registered for Touch ID on the Home Button. If the TouchID has not been activated, the IB Key will prompt you to enter the Passcode. A response string will be generated.
    iPhone Fingerprint for Manual Two Factor Authentication     IB Key generate response string
  5. Enter the response from your iPhone into the log in screen and click OK
    Click here if you do not receive the notification
  6. If authentication succeeds, the Log-in will now automatically proceed.
    Login Proceeds
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