Market Data - Minimum Equity Threshold


As a matter of policy, and to minimize the likelihood of a low-balance account falling out of margin compliance and being subject to forced liquidations, IBKR enforces a minimum equity requirement as a prerequisite for subscribing to real-time market data.

This requirement works as follows: Once an account has met the minimum equity requirement necessary to subscribe to data, it is allowed to maintain those subscriptions as long as it has the funds available to pay for those subscriptions and its equity remains above the minimum level.  Once equity falls below the minimum level, it will be required to restore equity to at least the minimum level before resuming subscriptions.

While clients are not required to subscribe to real-time quotes through IBKR as a condition of trading, those that do are encouraged to maintain equity well above the maintenance level to avoid any fluctuations that would impair continuity of subscriptions.

Minimum equity thresholds vary by account type and are outlined in the table below.



Market Data Equity Thresholds1
Account Type


Individual (unless listed below) $500
Financial Advisor $500
Financial Advisor Client Account $500
Institutional and/or Organizational Account $500
Family Advisor $200
Non-Professional Advisor $200
Introducing Broker Clients $200
Individual client of IB India $100

1 Denominated in USD, but applied in USD equivalent for accounts with a Base Currency other than USD.

2 Represents amount necessary to qualify for subscription renewal in any month following initiation.