Overview of CFTC Form 40

The CFTC, the primary regulator of U.S. commodity futures markets and Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs), operates a comprehensive system of collecting information on market participants as part of its market surveillance and large trader reporting program.

IBKR, as a registered FCM providing clients with access to those markets, is obligated to report to the CFTC information on clients who hold a position in a quantity that exceeds defined thresholds (i.e., a "reportable position").  In order to report this information, IBKR requires clients trading U.S. futures or futures options to complete an online CFTC Ownership and Control Reporting form at the point the client requests futures trading permissions.

Once a client holds a "reportable position", the CFTC may then contact that client directly and require them to file  more detailed information via CFTC Form 40. The information required of this report includes the following:

  • Trader's name and address
  • Principal business
  • Form of ownership (e.g., individual, joint, partnership, corporation, trust, etc.)
  • Whether the reporting trader is registered under the Commodity Exchange Act
  • Whether the reporting trader controls trading for others
  • Whether any other person controls the trading of the reportable trader
  • Name and location of all firms through which the reportable trader carries accounts
  • Name and location of other persons providing a trading guarantee or having a financial interest in account of 10% or greater
  • Name of accounts not in the reporting trader's name in which the trader provides a guarantee or has a financial interest of 10% or more.

Clients who fail to complete this Form in a timely manner may be subject to trading restrictions and/or fines imposed by CFTC upon their account at the FCM.  It is therefore imperative that clients immediately respond to these CFTC requests.

To complete the CFTC Form 40, clients must first register for a CFTC Portal Account, an online process which is subject to a review period of 2 business days from the point of initial registration to acknowledgement of approval by the CFTC.  For information regarding this registration process and completing the Form 40, see KB3149.