Notification Regarding Third-Party Wire Withdrawals

Certain Interactive Brokers (“IBKR”) accounts are eligible to request withdrawal of funds to third parties by bank wire. These requests are subject to review and approval at IBKR’s sole discretion. This program is described on the IBKR website here.

After a due diligence review, IBKR may allow withdrawals to a third party for purposes like:
• Withdrawal for purchase of a home or mortgage payoff
• Withdrawal to a spouse, parent, sibling, or child of source account holder
• Withdrawal to an account held by one of the accountholders of a joint account or vice versa.
• Withdrawal from trust account to a beneficiary
• Payment of certain account expenses
• Tax payments
• IRA qualified charitable distributions


IBKR will generally not approve the following types of third-party withdrawals:
• Private investments
• Repayment of loans
• Withdrawals to companies owned by the accountholder
• Payment for purchase of goods or services
• Withdrawals to individuals other than spouse, parent, sibling or child of account holder