Sending Funds to IBKR Post Migration

If your account has recently migrated to IBKR Ireland (IBIE) or IBKR Central Europe (IBCE), it is likely that you have outdated bank instructions saved in your Client Portal or with your bank. When transferring funds to IBKR after migration, you will want to enter a new deposit notification/bank instruction within Client Portal and update any saved IBKR bank information that you have with your bank. 

Should you inadvertently use outdated bank instructions to send funds to IBKR and they arrive at the incorrect IBKR entity, as a courtesy we will attempt to forward the funds to the correct IBKR entity. Please note that this transfer will be done free of charge for the first instance. For subsequent transfers, IBKR will charge your account a processing fee of EUR 50 (or equivalent). You will also receive a message notifying you of the transfer and advising you to update your bank information.