Decrypt Your Reports Using GPG for Windows

Note: This tutorial assumes you received reports via email or via FTP that were encrypted with the public key you sent to IBKR. If you need guidance to set up the encrypted statement delivery, please refer to this article, which is a prerequisite to the instructions below.

How to decrypt files using Kleopatra:

1. Save all the encrypted Reports you received via email or FTP in a folder on your preference (e.g. Desktop)

2.  Start the Kleopatra application (included in Gpa4win software). The entry for your Key should be listed in the All Certificates panel. Click the top menu File and select Decrypt/Verify...

3.  Open the folder containing your encrypted files and select the ones you want to decrypt.
4.  Provide the passphrase you set when you create your Key.
5.  The files will be decrypted and the outcome of the operation will be displayed within the panel. You can change the output folder (where the decrypted files will be saved) if you wish. Click Save All to finalize the process.
Note: do NOT click Discard, otherwise the decrypted files will not be saved.
6.  Open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to the output folder you selected at the previous step. From there, you can access and open your clear-text files.

Common Issues/Questions

  • Decryption failed with error 'No Secret Key'

This is usually caused by the wrong encryption key being used to decrypt the file.  If decryption is being done on a computer other than the original computer used to create the public/private keys, the keys would have to be transferred from the original computer to the new computer

If the above does not help, then a new public/private key pair needs to be created and sent to us.



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