IBot Quick Guide


Available across all trading platforms.
Entering Commands
In the IBot entry field type your command (e.g., show the price of IBkr) then press Enter or Send.
Supported Commands
  • Quotes: “quote Interactive Brokers”, “show the price of Interactive Brokers”
    • IBot can also display fundamental information
    • Options: In cases where there is more than one option contract on the same exchange with the same expiry, strike and right, IBot will choose a contract as follows:
      • Choose smart over non-smart
      • Choose non-weekly contracts
      • Choose the contract with a standard multiplier
    • Partial Instrument Match: In cases where you leave out a parameter, IBot will try to identify the option contract with an educated guess based on the following logic:
      • If the underlying is missing, assume the last used underlying if one is available
      • If the type is missing, use a CALL.
      • If the expiration is missing, use the nearest month.
      • If the strike is missing, use the at-the-money strike.
  • Charts: “10 day 1 hour bar chart for Interactive Brokers”, “chart Interactive Brokers”
    • If you omit bar sizes or time ranges, IBot will display the most reasonable chart based on what you entered
  • Orders: “buy 100 shares of Interactive Brokers at market”, “sell 100 shares of IBKR at 40”, “close my Interactive Brokers position”, “close 10% of my long positions”
    • You MUST click the Submit button located within IBot to place the order
  • Trades: “show trades in Interactive Brokers”
  • Market Scanners: “top gaining US stocks", "biggest US market winners"
  • Market Depth Level II Data: “market depth for Interactive Brokers”, “level 2 for IBKR”
  • Option Chains: “option chains for Interactive Brokers”, “jan options for IBKR”
  • Calendar: "show portfolio events", "upcoming events for portfolio companies"
  • Your Account: “show my P&L”, “show my buying power”, “what is my net liquidation value”
  • Modify a Command: after creating an order, “change this order to market”
  • Help: get help with IBot by typing help before a type of command, “help with orders”, “help with chart”
  • Company Fundamentals: “show summary for Interactive Brokers”, “Return on Equity for IBKR”
  • Customer Service Information: “customer support”, “support”
    • Will include a link to the Contact Client Services page of our website
  • IBKR web site information: Use the terms Search: or Search for to return reference information from the IBKR web site. IBot will return the top matches with links to the relevant web page.
Non-Supported and Misunderstood Commands
In cases where you enter a non-supported command, or one that IBot can't accurately interpret, IBot will provide a best efforts result labeled with a "Potentially misunderstood" warning message and icon.
For a full guide on IBot, see the IBot Feature in Focus page.