Depositing Canadian Dollars via Bill Payment

IB provides Canadian residents a variety of ways to deposit funds into their IB account including wire transfer, electronic funds transfer and Bill Payment.  Canadian Bill Payment is a particular form of electronic funds transfer which allows for the transfer of funds into your IB account via an online payment service provided by your financial institution (usually through a checking account). 

To initiate a Bill Payment you will first need to log into your online banking website, select Bill Payment and add Interactive Brokers Canada as a payee along with your IB account ID (typically begins with the letter 'U').  Depending upon your particular financial institution and whether IB is recognized as one of their program participants, your institution will likely indicate an expected delivery date of 1-2 business days for transfers. 

Once IB has been set up as a payee, you may initiate transfers through your bank by selecting IB as a recipient and establishing the payment (deposit) amount and delivery date. After instructing your bank to initiate the transfer, it's important that you log into your IB account and create a deposit notification.  This notification ensures that the funds will be properly matched and credited to your account upon arrival and not held in suspense.  To create a deposit notification, select the Funds Management and then Funds Transfers menu options from Account Management.  Then select Deposit Funds from the Transaction drop-down list, Bill Payment from the Method drop-down list and Proceed with Transaction from the Instruction drop-down list. You'll then be prompted to enter the amount of your deposit and the sending institution.

A key benefit to using Bill Payment is that funds are credited to your account immediately upon arrival and are available for withdrawal 3 business days thereafter.  This is in contrast to regular electronic funds transfers which are subject to a 4 business day hold prior to being credited to your account and have restrictions if withdrawn to an institution other than that from which the funds originated.  Most Canadian financial institutions offer the ability to remit funds via Bill Payment to Interactive Brokers Canada.