Non-US Persons and Entities: What statements does IBKR offer at the end of the year?

For all clients IBKR provides an Annual Statement and a Dividend Report. Your Annual Statement shows trade detail for your account gain and loss on a First In, First Out (FIFO) matching basis or the specific method of tax accounting selected for your account. Your Dividend Report shows account detail for all dividends, and payments in lieu of dividends, as well as withholding on these amounts.

For further explanations of these statements on the IBKR website click the Products > Tax Information and Reporting link and refer to the Non-US Persons and Entities tab.  Your statements are accessible from our website by logging in to Client Portal and accessing the Reports > Tax menu option.

Circular 230 Notice: These statements are provided for information purposes only, are not intended to constitute tax advice which may be relied upon to avoid penalties under any federal, state, local or other tax statutes or regulations, and do not resolve any tax issues in your favor.