TWS Message: Order Barriers are supported only for CCP-simulated stops


Account holders receiving the following message Order Barriers are supported only for CCP-simulated stops are attempting to enter an order that has attributes that are not supported and must be modified before the order can be accepted.


An order barrier is a setting (i.e. condition) associated with an order that says, when this barrier is reached trigger an order action. The order action may be triggering a trailing mit, or it may be changing the order type as with an adjustable stop. Exchanges do not support certain order types that contain barriers which are available in the TWS.  When this is the case, IB will generally simulate these orders (ie: send only the order details to the exchange that they support and internally handle any order barriers that are not recognized by the exchange.)

Orders that cannot be simulated can only be configured with order barriers that are supported by that exchange. If a native order type is submitted with a barrier not supported by the exhange it will be rejected.


Please notify customer service of any such rejections through a web ticket so that we are able to review the details of the order being submitted and ensure that the issue is known.  Please include the following information in the ticket so that we are able to identify the specific order in question;

  • The date of the order rejection
  • The order details (buy/sell, quantity, symbol, price)

Additional information regarding how to submit a Web Ticket can be found here.