How do I determine which market data subscription is applicable for a given security?

IBKR provides account holders with a Market Data Assistant tool which assists in selecting the subscription services available for a given security (stock, option or warrant) they wish to trade. The search results show all exchanges upon which the product trades, the subscription offering and its monthly fee for both Professional and Non-Professional clients as well as the depth of market variations associated with each subscription.

To access the Market Data Assistant:

  1. Log in to Client Portal
  2. Click on the Help menu (question mark icon in the top right corner) followed by Support Center
  3. Scroll down and select Market Data Assistant
  4. Enter the Symbol or ISIN and the Exchange
  5. Choose a value for the optional filters: Professional/Non Professional subscriber status, Currency and Asset
  6. Click Search
  7. Review the available options and decide which subscription best meets your needs.

Find more information on the market data selections page of the IBKR website.

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