How to Use the Voluntary Corporate Action Election UI - Withdraw Submitted Elections

Once Interactive Brokers has submitted elections for a voluntary corporate action to the agent ("street"), the elected positions will be transferred by an internal booking to a new symbol to await the final allocation. At this point, the elected position will be considered "committed".

In the event a voluntary corporate action offering period is extended, the company will announce whether shares which had previously been submitted may be withdrawn from such election. In the event this is available, IB will re-open the corporate action election window and will modify the shares from Committed / Unavailable to Committed / Available.

Shares which are reflected on the Voluntary CA Election UI as Committed / Available may be modified by reducing the election quantity for the previously submitted election choice (in the case of a single account) or by selecting Remove All Allocations (in the case of a multi-tiered account structure).

Once updated, a new election may be made either within the same log-in session or by returning at a later point prior to the IB deadline for elections.

Please know that shares for which a withdraw has been requested will be returned to the target symbol and will become available for trading again once IB has confirmed the withdraw with the agent. This may take up to 24 hours. Should you not see a change in the symbol within your statement or through IB's trading platforms, please contact IB Customer Service directly.